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About us....

Grinnell Christian Church is a non-denominational, independent Christian Church. Our weekly teaching comes from the Bible. As a church, GCC focuses on Jesus and encourages people to pattern their lives after Him, His word, and His teachings. As a church, GCC strives to follow the Bible both in what we teach and in how we live.


We have been faithfully serving Jesus in Grinnell, IA since our congregation was first planted in 1954. While the face of GCC has grown and changed over time, our emphasis of faithfully following Jesus together has remained the same.


The environment of GCC is a relaxed "come as you are" style. People feel comfortable to dress as they choose and what they are most comfortable in. 


GCC has excellent ministries for your children and youth of all ages. When a church impacts the lives of students, entire communities are raised to new levels. GCC is here to impact Grinnell, and one way we do that is by providing excellent Bible-based programming for kids of all ages. 


You will also be exposed to excellent, relevant, and life-changing teaching. GCC values people and we know that relevant truth changes people for the better.


We practice weekly, open communion, which means that all believers are invited to enter into the story of Jesus through the bread and the cup. Communion will be served on tables designated by the section in which you are seated.



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