Montana Video

Montana Video

Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch 2020 Youth Trip

June 25th-July 2nd a group of 15 people will be taking a summer work trip to Montana! We are heading back to St. Ignatius, Montana, to Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch! 

This is going to be a trip you don't want to miss!


Pinehaven is a place for children and youth who have faced hardships or struggles in their life. They need a place that helps point them to Jesus along with providing safe care and guidance on making right decisions. Pinehaven has been doing what they do since 1984! We will be going there to help in any way we can. Splitting wood for firewood, stacking hay bales, cleaning, butchering meat, making fire starters, etc.  This is a great way that we can be a serve the Kingdom of God!


Details for the trip:

Location - St.Ignatius, MT

When - Saturday, June 25th- Saturday, July 2nd

Travel & Cost - We will be flying, and the cost is still to be determined. An up-front deposit of $100 is needed to reserve a spot. This is refundable up to a certain point, which I will let you know as I gather details. (Most of the cost will be covered through fundraisers we will have throughout the year, so don't let the cost scare you away!) Any cost that is not covered will be due by the beginning of May. We have spots for up to 15 people! 

What will be happening while we're there - Ranch work (read above for more details.) We will also be going to Glacier National Park, The Bison Range, taking a horse trail ride, and possibly hiking to see a waterfall (this hike will cost $10 for the purchase of a pass to go on the reservation area.)