July 17, 2020

Hello Everyone!


I hope and pray you and your family have been able to find something fun to do together in the middle of this COVID-19 situation.  So much continues to change on a weekly basis that it can become a little stressful at times, even if the changes do not directly affect you.  We need an opportunity to “unplug” our brains from this mess for a little bit!  So my encouragement to you is to find a way to do that in some fashion in the days and weeks ahead.


Now, here are some important updates about what has been happening at GCC over these past couple of weeks:


Reopening of Nursery and Greenhouse Postponed

Our GCC staff has made the decision to postpone the reopening of our Nursery and Greenhouse (originally scheduled for this Sunday, July 19) until further notice. The reasoning behind the decision is that we do not have the minimum number of volunteers required who are willing to jump back into this area of ministry under the current circumstances and environment. This is completely understandable! We'll keep you informed of progress, and once we have a large enough base of volunteers to reopen we will do so. Keep your eyes and ears open for future updates. In the meantime, if you have never helped in these areas before but are interested, please contact Kay Castaneda (Children’s Minister) at kay@grinnell.cc for more information!


Soonthorn Presentation Cancelled

Under the “corona-cancelled” category, missionary Soonthorn Soonthorntarawong of House of Blessing in Thailand has cancelled his July 26 presentation at GCC due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. He hopes to reschedule his trip to the U.S. in the near future once these international restrictions are lifted. Please continue to keep him and their ministry in Thailand in your prayers during this crazy time!


Grinnell Food Coalition

So many people have been affected by the coronavirus, including people who have suffered financial loss due to unemployment and disruption of normal life.  The Grinnell Food Coalition wants to make sure everyone in our community gets the food they need for themselves and their family.  If you, or someone you know, is struggling financially, The Grinnell Food Coalition can provide vouchers to use at local grocery stores.  As long as funds last, we mail vouchers on a bi-weekly schedule to people who sign up.  To sign up or get more information, go to https://ahrensfamilyfoundation.org/local-resources/, or call 641236-5518 ext. 109.  


Continued Live-Streaming of Worship

For the immediate future, we will continue to live-stream our entire worship service for those who cannot come.  This way, you can still be a part of our GCC family from home.  There are three ways you can watch us on Sunday:


  1. Go to our website at www.grinnell.cc and click the link on our homepage.

  2. Go to our official Facebook page by clicking here and watch our Facebook Live stream.

  3. Go to our YouTube channel by clicking here. If you have the YouTube app on your smart TV or other device, you can also find us by searching "Grinnell Christian Church."

Financial Assistance

We realize that some may be dealing with financial struggles during this time, and it's possible your most important needs cannot be met adequately by unemployment benefits or other forms of aid.  Please contact our office at office@grinnell.cc or by phone if you fall into this category.  We'll talk with you about your needs and discuss ways GCC may be able to help. (Please note that all inquiries will remain confidential.)


Ways to Give

If you are financially able, we encourage you to continue to give to GCC during this time even if you can not come to the building on Sunday morning.  One way to give is to drop off your offering at the GCC Office during regular office hours.  You may also go to our website and give by hitting the “Give” button on our homepage.  Finally, you can give through the Givelify app or the Grinnell Christian Church app – both are available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Take care everyone, and I hope to see you again soon on a Sunday morning!


Key Information for the Reopening of Worship (Effective June 28, 2020)
• We will reopen initially with worship only @ 10 am.
• There will be no Sunday School classes for any age group, and no nursery until further notice.

• There will be No Greenhouse during Sunday morning worship until further notice.
• If you fall into a higher-risk category (i.e. age or underlying health issues), or if you are not ready yet to enter a public gathering, please know it is perfectly acceptable not to come at this time. You do not need to feel guilty about this decision. To help with this....
• GCC will continue to live-stream our full worship service for the immediate future for those who are uncomfortable coming or should not come due to high-risk factors.
• If you are experiencing a fever, persistent cough, or difficulty breathing, or if you have a family member experiencing these symptoms, please stay home until you are well.
• A mask will not be required to attend worship but you are certainly encouraged to wear one, especially if you are higher-risk or feel safer wearing one at this time.
• If you desire to wear a mask but do not have one, we have disposable masks available at our Welcome Center. Please ask one of our Greeters for assistance.
• Bulletins will not be handed out at this time, but instead may be picked up on stands at each entrance into the auditorium.
• Families are encouraged to sit together, but please maintain social distancing guidelines of 6-ft between family units or individuals.
• To help facilitate this, we will “close off” every other pew in the center sections of our auditorium (please do not sit in rows marked with an “X”). The east and west wings are completely open, and we encourage larger families to sit in these
sections and use discretion about spacing between family units.

• Due to a potential increase of younger children in our worship service, we will do our best to keep the overall service length to 50-60 minutes.
• Communion trays will not be passed. Instead, Communion trays will be on tables around the room. There will be separate cups for bread and juice. Once you take a cup, please dispose of it in the trash cans next to the tables.
• Please maintain social distancing as you go to the Communion tables.
• Offering trays will not be passed. Instead, please utilize the Offering drop boxes located in the back of the room or continue to use the electronic giving platforms we have used for the past several weeks.
          • The GCC website at www.grinnell.cc.
          • The official GCC app for your smartphone.
          • The Givelify app for your smartphone.

• Hand sanitizer is currently available in our main lobby, at the Welcome Center and Children’s check-in station, for you to use before and/or after worship as you feel necessary.
• We will close off the east and west wings of our building so that everyone enters and exits through the main lobby doors. This will help avoid unnecessary contact with areas not being used at this time.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you this Sunday!


(641) 236-5667

1331 Hobart St; Grinnell, IA 50112, USA

Office Hours: Mon-Thur 8:30-12, 1-4:30, Fri 8:30-12

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