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Hello Everyone!


We continue to hope and pray this email finds you healthy and doing well right now!  Let's start with a couple pieces of new information we want you to be considering and praying over in the coming week:


Who's Your ONE?

I would like to encourage each person within our church family to think of ONE person you can contact in the week leading up to Easter Sunday who is NOT part of our church family.  Who do you know that may be lonely?  Who might have some other needs in their life that need met at this time?  The main point of this would be to encourage and to give a glimpse of the light of Christ.  This could also be an opportunity to invite them to watch our Easter worship online if they don’t already have a church they’re involved with.  Let's bring the hope of Christ to our community in the coming week!


Financial Assistance

We realize that some may be dealing with financial struggles during this time, and it's possible they can not be met currently by the Federal CARES Act that was just passed by Congress.  Please contact our office at or by phone if you fall into this category.  We'll talk with you about your need and discuss ways GCC may be able to help. (Please note that all inquiries will remain confidential)


Now, here are some other important reminders we've touched on in past weeks:


Errand Running/Grocery Shopping

Please note that you may sign up for assistance with grocery shopping or other errands if you are unable to leave your house at this time due to the coronavirus.  You may call the GCC office with your request, email it to, or fill out our Google form by clicking here.  Once your request is received, a volunteer will be in contact with you soon to make arrangements.


Live Streaming Access

We've admittedly had some technical struggles, but we believe things are finally ironed out.   One important update is that our YouTube live feed is finally up and running!  We've tested it multiple times this week, and everything is working great.  Here's a reminder of different ways to access the live stream Sunday @ 10 am:


  1. Go to our website at and click the link on our homepage.

  2. Go to our official Facebook page by clicking here and watch our Facebook Live stream.

  3. Go to our YouTube channel by clicking here. If you have the YouTube app on your smart TV or other device, you can also find us that way by searching "Grinnell Christian Church".

Ways to Give During This Time

If you are financially able, we encourage you to continue to give to GCC during this time even though we are not physically together.  One way to give is to drop off your offering at the GCC Office during regular office hours.  You may also go to our website and give by hitting the “Give” button on our homepage.  Finally, you can give through the Givelify app or the Grinnell Christian Church app – both are available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Prayer Requests

If you have specific prayer needs during this time, we still want to be praying for you as staff and Elders!  Please submit your prayer requests through the GCC app. by emailing them to the office during the week, or by calling our office.


Please keep your eyes and ears open in the coming week for some new ideas we are working on to keep our GCC family engaged and connected right now.  Take care, God bless, and we hope to see you soon!

Scott Surovec

Grinnell Christian Church